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Cheater Cheat codes in Super Metroid. Cheats are entered by holding the shoulder buttons and inputting a series of buttons in the right order. Only one cheat is shown here, which refills energy. WMV
Space Jump Echoes Test of echo visual effects for Space Jump in Super Metroid. WMV
Fission Missile An upgrade of the Super Missile. These replace Super Missiles entirely. WMV
Ice Flashbomb Rewritten Power Bomb code that freezes all enemies it hits, rather than damaging them. WMV
Heavy Bomb An optional upgrade for bombs. Heavy bombs can be "thrown" by using Samus's momentum to hit out of reach enemies. They also explode upon contact with any enemy, though this is not shown in the video. WMV
Wave Beam "Phasing" Changed the animations for Wave beam a bit. Now it looks more like "phasing" through things. It also doesn't really wave up and down anymore, except the trails. WMV
Kagowall A demonstration of the Kagowall AI found on the Patches page. WMV
Morph Doors A demonstration of Morph Doors, found on the Patches page. WMV
Motion Sensor Doors Some motion sensored doors I made a while back. These never really got anywhere. WMV
Rainbow City - Item Test Testing out items for SM: Rainbow City. The Power Star was not coded. WMV
Rainbow City - Koopa Test New enemy AI for Koopas in Rainbow City. WMV
Pause Music Dim Playing around with the SPC a bit. Made the music dim while the game was paused. WMV
Samus VS Ridley Changed the HUD a bit to make an arcade-style Ridley fight. WMV

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