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- What is SMILE RF? -

SMILE RF is a custom build of SMILE 2.50. It was originally designed to create a unique Super Metroid hack which the original SMILE could not help with, but has since grown into a new, and powerful Super Metroid editor.
There's many new features in RF which are not present in other versions of SMILE, however there's a few things which have not yet been implemented in RF, as it is still under developement. RF is able to automatically update itself if you wish, and will show a list of recent changes when it does.

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- Troubleshooting -
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If you get an error saying that MSINFO.OCX is missing or unregistered, you will need to download and install the missing activeX component. It is used by RF to handle Bug / Feedback reports. Information about the file can be read here.
RF was developed in Windows 7. It should work fine on older versions of Windows as well, but I cannot offer support for problems which occur on Windows 8 or newer.
If you encounter any issues with SMILE RF, please use the Report Bugs / Feedback option in RF, or contact me in #metconst (esper.net) on IRC.