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This pages contains some of the stuff I have made in Super Metroid. To apply an ASM file, you will need to grab a copy of Xkas V0.06, but patches can be used with SMILE.

- Physics -
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Spinjump Restart Allows Samus to start spinning in mid air after jumping or falling, in the same way as Fusion and Zero Mission. Download
Landing Speed Allows you to keep momentum after jumping or falling, with added variables such as holding run or equipping Speed Booster, which a hex tweak can't offer. Download

- Weapons -
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Wave Or Ice Completely splits the Wave and Ice beams, similar to Spazer and Plasma. You can still equip Wave or Ice with Spazer or Plasma. Download
Beam Split Completely splits all beams. Selecting any beam will deselect all other beams. Charge Beam can still be used normally. Download

- PLMs -
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Hidden Items More versatile PLMs which can hide items under different block types, such as Powerbomb blocks or Grapple blocks. Instructions included in ReadMe.txt. Download
Ammo Station Upgraded Missile Station which refills Missiles, Supers and PBs. Doesn't activate only if all 3 are max. This is a fixed up version of MoogleEmperor's Missile Station patch. Download
No Expansion Sounds Completely removes the sound clip from all expansion packs (Missiles, Supers, Power Bombs, Energy Tanks). Does not affect Suit Upgrades, Beams, or Reserve Tanks. Download
Item Sounds Allows you to set each item with it's own indiviual sound clip that doesn't interupt the main BG music. Download
Map Exploration Extender A PLM which automatically explores two extra map tiles in a specifed direction when touched. Useful for elevators or doors which lead out of an area, if you've put arrows or elevator map tiles on the map which normally wouldn't be explored. Download

- Blocks -
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Morph Doors Small 1 tile-high blue doors. Use like a normal blue door, with ShotBlock, BTS $30-$33. Useful for morph mazes. Download
Morph Lock Works the same way as Insom's and Squishy's patches, but much more flexible with a Fool X-Ray Air block. Use BTS $0C to lock, and BTS $0D to unlock. Download
Solid + Non-Solid Blocks Creates blocks that are either solid or non-solid, depending on another block's interaction with Samus. Useful for creating overlapping terrain or morph mazes, but can get tricky with climbing enemies like Geemers. Download
Spike Collisions Creates some extra collision detections for Spike blocks. BTS $0C is solid to all enemies, projectiles, and Samus unless she is boosting. BTS $0D is non-solid to all enemies, projectiles and Samus unless she is boosting. BTS $0E is non-solid for all enemies, but solid to projectiles and Samus. Keep in mind that these 3 Spike block will NOT harm Samus. Download
Block Respawn Rewrites the respawning routines for blocks so that they respawn using the original graphic that was there before the block was destroyed. This affects ALL respawning blocks. Download
Liquid Blocks Creates a block type that simulates underwater physics while touching them. Equipping the gravity suit makes the blocks act like air.
You can set which block type and BTS in the asm file, however, this code is not run directly via the block type routine, but by the main physics routine.

- FX1 / Effects -
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Room Footstep FX Rewrites the footstep graphics routines to allow any room to have a particular footstep effect. Use by setting the lower 2 bits of the Room Index Number. This uses no free space, and clears out some extra free space in banks $90 and $91. Download

- Enemies -
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Freeze Vulnerability Adds a short routine into the enemy frozen checks that allows you to destroy frozen enemies by speedboosting or shinesparking into them. This will fix that annoying problem of shooting enemies with ice while running, only to have them freeze right in front of you and stop you running. Screw attack will NOT destroy them, as it could make spinjumping onto frozen enemies later in a game annoying. Download
LTTP Spikes Creates an enemy which imitates Spikes from Zelda 3: A Link To The Past. You can set horizontal and vertical speeds; bounce delays; shot delays and distance, for each individual enemy. Useful for Simple dodge-run rooms, or more complex puzzles where you need to move spikes around the room to break blocks or clear a path. Download
Zebetites Creates a new, superior Zebetite AI. These enemies can be placed individually in any room, without limitations to placement or numbers. Can be placed vertically or horizontally, and each Zebetite can have it's own energy and regen / decay rates. Download
Multivator Modifies the Elevator to allow both up AND down travel from the same Elevator. Use by setting Speed to $0002, and Speed2 to $0X40, where X is the screen below the screen you would emergy from. Regular elevators can still be used. Download
Random Enemy Spawn Adds a short routine to the ROM which allows enemies to spawn randomly in preset positions when entering a room. Each enemy can have up to 63 spawning positions in a room.
This patch requires a lot of user input to use, and you should have sufficient knowledge of ASM tables or hex editing before attempting to use this.

- HUD, Pause Screen, Cutscenes -
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Map Save / Load Modifies the saving and loading routines, allowing you to edit the maps as freely as you wish with absolutely NO limits. KejMap is completely unneeded and not used at all. Mapping is saved correctly for every area (except Debug, due to space limits).
Ram from $7F:FE00 - $7F:FEFF is saved per game file. Ram from $7F:FF00 - $7F:FFFF is saved globally per ROM (applies to all 3 game files).
Map Item Circles Adds a routine to the Map Screen which draws a small sprite over every visible item in the game. A circle is drawn for items which have not been collected, and a dot for collected.
This patch requires a lot of user input to use in a hack, and you should have sufficient knowledge of ASM tables before attempting to use this. This can be applied directly to regular SM with no input however.
Prime HUD A new HUD in the style of Metroid Prime. Uses Cancel and Select buttons to navigate the HUD equipment. Palettes are not included, but easy to make. Download
Ending Totals Modifies the ending percent calculation routine to give a more accurate percentage (one decimal place) with any number of items, or different values for same items, ie, Missiles of either 2, 5 or 10. You will need to know exactly how many items there are in total in your hack. Download