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- About -

Hey everyone! So this is my site... kinda boring huh? =P Mainly it's just here to give people access to all the stuff I waste spend time working on.
To those who know me, hi! To those who don't, come to IRC already! There's lots of fun to be had, and quite a lot of hack-talk goes around that you'll never hear just on the forums ;)
So about me.... I play / hack / tear apart (whatever you wanna call it) Super Metroid. I mostly mess around with ASM rather than build rooms, but I have released 3 minihacks, and I'm working on a full hack, slowly.

- Updates -
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SMILE RF finally got a public release! Added info and download links to the SMILE RF section.
Added SM: HISHE to the hacks page. This is just a spoof minihack parodied on the YouTube series "How It Should Have Ended".
Added a few more patches to the site, and rearranged a few things. Also added a section for SMILE RF. It'll get filled out later though.
Added the Prime HUD .zip to the Patches subpage under the Misc section.
Added a bunch of video links to the gallery page. These are only links to files hosted by dropbox, cause I'm lazy.
Updated the RamMap and RandomRoutines references (which were long overdue for an update). Also made those links take you to a separate tab with just the text, rather than prompting to save (Right-click save link as to save).
Removed the scroll bars from the site. You can still scroll by using the arrow keys or mouse wheel though. I just felt that the ugly grey scroll bar was distracting, but I'm OCD so whatever :| Enjoy the new scrollbar-less site.
Site was moved to a subdomain on www.metroidconstruction.com. Thanks to GF_Kennon for setting it up for me.
I'm messing around with some layouts for the site, and I've just gotta find out how to make a volume icon for it.
Added some more patches/ASM files and a couple documents. Probably won't get around to finishing the Gallery or Links pages, but this site already serves it's main purpose so all good.
Fixed the brief default view for the hidable areas when loading pages with hidden content. They are now set to hidden by default, unless Javascript is disabled by the browser, or a state has not yet been set for that section.
Set up "savestates" (lol), so that each time you switch between sections or reload the page, it will remember the current state of the expandable sections. This only lasts while the browser window is open; If you close the window then reopen, it resets.
Changed the Documents and Patches pages so that the default blocks are set to show.
Added Snowglobe and Hauntroid to the Hacks page.
Also greatly reduced the loading time for a certain page because of an Mp3.
Added this Updates section. Changed the downloads sections to use dropdown menus instead of all showing at once. Also finally fixed that bloody footer - now it stays at the bottom of the window.
Added a bunch of asm/patches and reorganised everything into subheadings on the Patches page.
Site was created! Grime kindly made up the first design, from which I learned HTML, and built upon until I got this.
Added several docs and patches to their respective sections.

- Bugs & Issues -
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Due to the way the pages are set up, refreshing this site with F5 or the like returns you to the homepage (this page).
Some people have reported being able to see the scroll bars in the middle of the page. I can't recreate this, so I can't fix it.
In Internet Explorer, the foot note is drawn absolute to the browser window, regardless of content length. If the content is longer than the window, the foot note is drawn over the content. Have not found a fix for this yet, as IE seems to have a different use for an absolute position.